Intercultural Workshop at Brightlands Event

On Friday, June 29th. we provided an intercultural workshop during the Brightlands event ‘Get Out Of The Building’. Our participants were internationals (living and working in the Netherlands) and representatives of companies and of government. Our workshop ‘Trust in Perception’ emphasized on how being unaware about perception can lead to miscommunication and how ‘giving trust’ can lead to success. The participants were surprised by our ‘creativity with food’ part, leading to nice insights about differences in habits and behaviour.

Cultural diversity; the impact at work

Just a small part of the world scores high on ‘individualism’. This means that most people from all over the world are not familiar with the Dutch way of communication. Culture differences unfortunately often leads to culture clashes and waste of time in the business environment. Just create intercultural awareness and understanding and enjoy the way your employees and colleagues interacting with diversified people. Our message: Trust in Perception!

If you want to learn more about how to adequately interact in an international (business) environment, please contact us.

We support professionals to integrate smoothly in the Dutch work culture. We train and coach people who are interacting with different cultures. We maximize employee potential by harmonizing and building on intercultural competences.