Score for The Netherlands

Connecting the valuable professional from abroad to the Dutch culture can be done much better! The world through Expat Eyes…… Read more

Interview “RTV Maastricht News”


Nice to announce: during the great event for internationals in Maastricht ‘The Magic Meet & Greet’. Read more

The ‘Kroket’

Did you know that such a ‘typical Dutch’ thing like the ‘kroket’ is not originally from the Netherlands? Read more

Tasty Thoughts workshops AZC Sweijkhuizen


A Tasty Thoughts workshops for the Children at the AZC in Sweikhuizen. Read more

War Child


War Child invited us to provide a culture workshop…. Read more

Little Dutch Entrepreneurs Award


In 2017 the foundation Amalied organized the fantastic event “Little Dutch Entrepreneurs Award ®”.  Read more